In our work, we combine specialist knowledge with the experience of professionals. In our offers we strive to answer all the customer needs. Weco-Travel, already at the organizational level, clarifies the roles and determines the scope of responsibilities to be taken over from you.



Car rental

We act as an intermediary and arrange car rental on your behalf. We use the resources of the largest international car rental companies.


We guarantee access to a wide hotel base in Poland and in the world thanks to cooperation with reputable suppliers. We offer special rates as part of the Radius Global Hotel Program.

Train tickets

Our own terminals give us access to all domestic and foreign train ticket tariffs. Since we provide our own courier service, we deliver the ordered tickets on time and directly to your office.

Bus & Ferry

We also offer sale of tickets for bus and ferry connections in Europe. Since we provide our own courier service, we deliver the ordered tickets on time and directly to your office.

Flight tickets

We offer you flight tickets of traditional as well as low cost airlines. We use GDS systems, NDC channels and direct search engines on airline websites.


We can provide your employees with an appropriate insurance policy. You can insure travelers against accidents, medical expenses, or travel inconvenience (lost luggage/flight delay). An insurance policy may also protect against costs related to the unexpected cancellation of a business trip.

Visa service

We offer you consulting and visa services to most countries around the world. Our consultant will advise you and help you collect and fill in the appropriate documents. After completing the formalities in a diplomatic post, we provide you with a ready passport along with all the required documents.


Our cooperation

We will equip you with the knowledge necessary to make better decisions in the field of management and organization of both domestic & international business travel. Together, we will develop a personalized program supporting cost optimization. Thanks to simple planning and booking processes, preferential rates for travel, accommodation, and transfer services, we will help you control your business travel expenses. We will support you in choosing the right suppliers, developing inquiries, and negotiating the best contracts for your company.

Our consultants and business partners will ensure the development and implementation of a highly beneficial travel policy which in turn will guarantee savings in each of the cost centers. We provide customers with savings reports, thanks to which they gain full insight into realized services and savings resulting from transactions made through Weco-Travel. The analysis of reports indicates expenses in relation to market rates compared to customer’s rates. Thanks to this knowledge, it is possible to introduce appropriate saving plans. Working with a Travel Management Company will save your time and money.