Customer Care & Relations

In our work, we combine specialist knowledge with the experience of professionals.
Our competences are considered to be much more than only flight tickets booking and hotel reservations, since above all these are broadly understood advice and after-sales services.

Customer First

Customer experience is the key

Customer Manager will be watching over correctness of the daily service provided to your company. Our Customer Manager will be your advisor in the field of business travel management which in turn will help you generate considerable amount of savings.

The basis of any type of cooperation is to know and understand your business partner’s needs

We offer our clients solutions that work in their interest, personalize the offer, simplify formalities, and remain consistent at every stage of our business activity.

Role of the Customer Manager

Dedicated Customer Manager will analyze current expenses versus the actual needs of travelers, in order to prepare appropriate recommendation of new activities and business travel solutions for your company.

We will also provide support in the right selection of suppliers as well as help in negotiation of contracts to obtain the most advantageous rates and contract conditions, which in turn will generate substantial savings in terms of business travel expenses. Customer Manager's care constitutes also cyclical meetings with representatives of your company, aimed at presenting new tools and providing appropriate training for users.

Customer Care & Support

We provide a team of experienced consultants who handle your flight bookings, hotel reservations, transfers, and car rental services, etc. They strictly follow the customer’s travel policy and prepare offers in accordance with the set guidelines. Travel consultants, by contacting you, present additional services, including: access to Business Lounge around the world, car transfer to the destination - Amadeus Transfers, express security control - Fast Track, which can increase the comfort of your travel.

Consultants have access to the company & travelers’ profiles, and they take care of completing required information in reporting and invoicing. If your company has signed contracts with airlines, hotels, car rental companies, then all reservations are properly coded, and if you wish, Weco-Travel also initiates signing contracts with selected carriers to provide you with access to the best rates on the market.