About Weco-Travel

The Weco-Travel Group is one of the most recognizable business travel companies and a trustworthy brand in Poland. We provide our clients the offer 360° for integrated consulting & technology services in the field of business travel management & event organization.

Our company

As a modern Travel Management Company (TMC), we invest in technologies so that our clients, business partners, and consultants create and receive offers best suited to the corresponding budget, customs, and culture.

Our vision is to be the leading solutions provider, embracing new technologies to simplify choice of travel and care of your travel experience.

For nearly 30 years we have been building relationships with our partners:

airlines, hotels, and system suppliers, because it is they who provide a solid foundation in business. We have been always basing our cooperation on honest relations, mutual trust and understanding. Our mission is to enrich the relationship between buyers and sellers of travel services.


Weco-Travel’s success is possible thanks to our employees. A well-coordinated team is able to shape a modern, innovative, and friendly company.

Building good and valuable relationships with airlines, hotels, transport companies, banks, system providers and other partners would not have been possible without people who every day help one another and support their initiatives.

Enriching your travel management

Our company presents a customer-oriented approach. Your specific needs determine all our activities, starting from employment and development of competences of our employees, through the manner in which services are provided, logistics, IT infrastructure, ending with our care for relations with business partners.

We are constantly improving, following the latest trends in our industry, expanding our knowledge, and exchanging experiences in order to share with you what we know. The idea of our company is to enrich the relationship between buyers and sellers of travel services.