The dynamically changing business reality requires not only mindfulness but also openness to action. The use of the latest technologies and customer experience management are of strategic importance in our company. Process automation significantly improves the services we provide, its settlement, cost control and reporting, therefore it leads to even better customer service.

Positive experience at the highest level can only be provided to the customer if continuous efforts are being made to improve processes within the whole organization. The concept of classic B2B model has turned into a new reality for us, which we called Business to Business for Traveler - B2B4T. That is why we combine our services with modern technologies used in the business travel industry, which in turn results in efficient, economical, and safe travel management.


With their help you can quickly find preferential hotel rates, convenient air connections, car rental offers, and monitor the status of your reservations.

Amadeus Cytric Travel

An online platform through which employees of your company can book independently airline tickets, hotels, and cars. Reservations are made in accordance with the guidelines of travel policy entered into the system. The system also supports business travel expenses control.

Amadeus Mobile Messenger

It monitors the safety of travelers during the whole time of a business trip. The application allows you to quickly verify the exact and current location of the travelers as well as it supports communication via e-mail, short messages, or application.

Qlik Sense – business reports

This tool is used to manage & monitor the company’s travel expenses by using the reporting system which guarantees full transparency of all travel-related expenses.

Bee Office

Thanks to one tool, the whole process of planning a business trip takes place: review & approval by a superior as well as settlements & control over all the expenses related to a given business trip. BeeOffice saves time of the accounting and eliminates paper documents.

Rydoo Travel & Expense

An online platform that combines tools for travel booking and settlement. In one place we provide flight reservations, hotel reservations and car rental. A practical solution for the company is the Expense module, thanks to which it is possible to settle travel expenses related to business trips. Rydoo Travel & Expense is also available in the mobile version.

Weco Corporate Platform (MY-WCP)

A client platform which consolidates all online tools for travel management. In one place you can manage your air, railway & hotel reservations as well as car rental services. You can also analyze online all your cost reports and invoices.